Notes on truth and everything.

╼╤ Outline ╤╾

Truth and rationality

Truth is everywhere and nowhere. The failure of politics is to fail to see that truth lies hidden everywhere amongst all peoples, all parties, all countries. Partisanship is irrational by default as group-think and other biases permeate. That’s not to say we should do away with collectivised but recognise is limitations. Why not push empiricism to the front and do away with partisan scuffling? How can independent and unbiased research and analysis be optimised?

political parties == group think. Furthermore: political == think; group == parties. Word. By definition political parties are groups that think together. They organise around thinking in tandem and agree for the sake of power and not for goal oriented rationality. Hence ideological bias is systemic. I’ve oft heard in UK parlimentary politics ‘group think’ being tossed around as a slur…if you are in party politics you are groupthinking by default. Show some self and environmental awareness!

Ideas are ideas and systems are complex. We are all are sub-human, ape clowns. There is an environmental complexity…which we are trapped in. Even smart people are trapped in boxes, blinkered from the whole.

Spirituality and religion vs science

Are they essentially the same? Just one has a empirical focus, while the other is grounded in ontological consolation. Theistic religion jumps to conclusions…ideal scientific methodology is based in empirical inquiry…but stepping back it seems to drift in a spiritual river…

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